File Extension List

File Extensions are the basis of computer data transfer. If you don't really understand what a file extension is, it's the few letter after the period in a file name. It specifies the kind of file, what type of program can open that data, and in most cases, what kind of information it will provide.


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A vast knowledge of file extensions makes it easier to understand what files are at a quick glance. Here we've assembled a concise list of about 140 file extensions, and what they are.

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More Info Regarding File Extension List

Text Files
Microsoft Word Document
Log File
Mail Message
Rich Text Format File
Plain Text File
WordPerfect Document
Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
Data Files
Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
Comma Separated Values File
Data File
Database File
Dynamic Link Library
Microsoft Access Database
PowerPoint Slide Show
PowerPoint Presentation
Structured Query Language Data
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
XML File
Image Files
Multiple Network Graphic
Picture File
Raster Image Files
Bitmap Image File
Graphical Interchange Format File
JPEG Image File
JPEG Image File
Portable Network Graphic
Photoshop Document
Paint Shop Pro Image File
Tagged Image File
Vector Image Files
Adobe Illustrator File
Drawing File
Drawing Exchange Format File
Encapsulated PostScript File
PostScript File
Scalable Vector Graphics File
3D Image Files
Rhino 3D Model
QuickDraw 3D Metafile
Page Layout Files
Adobe InDesign File
Portable Document Format File
QuarkXpress Document
QuarkXpress Project File
Audio Files
Advanced Audio Coding File
Audio Interchange File Format
Interchange File Format
Media Playlist File
MP3 Audio File
MPEG Audio File
Real Audio File
Real Audio Media
WAVE Audio File
Windows Media Audio File
Video Files
3GPP Multimedia File
Advanced Systems Format File
Microsoft ASF Redirector File
Audio Video Interleave File
Apple QuickTime Movie
MPEG-4 Video File
MPEG Video File
Apple QuickTime Movie
Real Media File
Macromedia Flash Movie
Windows Media Video File
Web Files
Active Server Page
Cascading Style Sheet
Hypertext Markup Language File
Hypertext Markup Language File
JavaScript File
Java Server Page
Hypertext Preprocessor File
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File
Font Files
Font File
Generic Font File
OpenType Font
TrueType Font
Plugin Files
Photoshop Plug-in
Mac OS X Application Plug-in
Excel Add-In File
System Files
Windows Cabinet File
Windows Control Panel
Windows Cursor
Windows Memory Dump
Device Driver
Security Key
File Shortcut
Windows System File
Settings Files
Configuration File
Windows Initialization File
Registration Information
Executable Files
Mac OS X Application
DOS Batch File
Common Gateway Interface Script
DOS Command File
Windows Executable File
Program Information File
VBScript File
Windows Script
Compressed Files
Debian Software Package
Gnu Zipped File
Mac OS X Installer Package
WinRAR Compressed Archive
Self-Extracting Archive
Stuffit Archive
Stuffit X Archive
Zipped File
Encoded Files
Macbinary II Encoded File
BinHex 4.0 Encoded File
Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Message
Uuencoded File
Developer Files
C/C++ Source Code File
C++ Source Code File
Java Source Code File
Perl Script
Backup Files
Backup File
Norton Ghost Backup File
Backup File
Original File
Temporary File
Disk Files
Mac OS X Disk Image
Disc Image File
Toast Disc Image
Virtual CD
Game Files
Saved Game File
Nintendo (NES) ROM File
N64 Game ROM File
Saved Game
Misc Files
Windows Installer Package
BitTorrent File
Yahoo! Messenger Data File

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